The UK Steelpan Tuners Guild was formed on the 4th November 2007. Steelpan craftsmen in the UK who wish to support the development of their craft and industry set up the Guild. This not for profit organisation was created by Guild members who wished to work together as a benevolent society supporting themselves and their families by the practice of their craft.

The Guild was constituted on the 12th December 2010. 

The Aims of the guild are:

·      To create a forum for sharing good practice

·      To create a centre for tuning services, technical advice and teaching

·      To develop and provide specialist education, training and accreditation.

·      To develop improved health and safety guidance

·      To develop mechanisms to help members work more effectively together (especially in situations         involving large orders)

·      To create a forum to develop and share research and future technical developments

·      To act as an organisation working together collectively sharing benefits in areas such as the                purchasing of raw materials, research, teaching, the development of advice and guidance for              customers and members

·      To provide a forum to enable the benefit and support of Guild members

·      To provide a forum for Guild members to hear member issues and problems and debate the              solutions.

·      To act as a union and provide support and protection for Guild members

·      To develop a benevolent society for Guild members

‘ Music is the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life. Although the spirit be not master of that which it creates through music, yet it is blessed in this creation, which, like every creation of art, is mightier than the artist,’
— Ludwig Van Beethoven

The Guild was constituted on the 12th December 2010.  Their current members continue to spread their professional services globally offering steelbands and individuals the benefit of their highly honed skills, ensuring that they actively contribute to the growth and expansion of the steelpan culture, capturing audiences and encouraging the birth of steelbands in different parts of the world that are still virgin to this artform.    

Their appointed executive officers are:

Chairman - Robbie Joseph

Vice –Chair - Toussaint Clarke

Secretary – Cordelia ‘Dene’ Johnney

Treasurer – Aubrey Bryan